Calligrapher : Saiso Shimada
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Private exhibition

2011 June 19th to 25th / Place: Reveillon Studio De La Maison Du Butoh Blanc, France.

The 9th private calligraphy exhibition

19th Opening party with modern dance performer (Mrs. Moeno Wakamatsu) and calligraphy. 22nd Calligraphy demonstration and display at Alanson Hospital. I was happy to meet a woman who came to my exhibition in Paris in 2009.

2010 June 21st to 27th / Place: Sam Hall gallery in Ginza.

The 8th private calligraphy exhibition to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.

Calligraphy exhibition with Haiku poetry by Mr. Youroku Shimada. 

2009 September 28th to October 3rd / Place: Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée gallery.

The 7th private calligraphy exhibition.
Theme ‘ a prayer for peace’ and ‘the joy of life’.

The 7th private calligraphy exhibition at a gallery near Pont Neuf old bridge, Paris. 28th Opening party with Hamon percussion drum(Mrs. Sachiko Nakata)and calligraphy demonstration.

2005 April 2nd to 10th / Place: Citizen’s Hall, Motoyawata, Ichikawa City.

The 6th private calligraphy exhibition.

Exhibition sponsor: Ichikawa City culture promotion foundation. 

2003 November 2nd to 9th / Place: Nuremburg, Germany.

The 5th private calligraphy exhibition.

Sponsor:  Nuremberg Jikishin tea ceremony group.
German – Japanese goodwill association.
Opening ceremony with a speech by Mrs Eva Hofler of Friedendorf International.

1993 April 13th to 18th / Place: Ginza Kyukyodo.

The 4th private exhibition.

My calligraphy was made in the Shinmeikutsu Zen meditation hall in Okutama, Tokyo. Also at a friend’s cottage on Mt. Fuji.
December 16th to January 17th. During this time the work was influenced by mysterious natural phenomena at those locations.

1991 / Place: Sumire salon, Edogawa., Tokyo.

The 3rd private calligraphy exhibition.

Sponsor: Sumire salon.

1990 / Place: Sumire salon, Edogawa., Tokyo.

The 2nd private calligraphy exhibition.

Sponsor: Sumire salon.