Calligrapher : Saiso Shimada
Japanese English
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Donated Works

2012 June 10th / Place: Saiyou temple, Kanazawa

Saiyou temple is a historic old temple of the Tendai Buddist sect. There are seven rare Buddhist treasures in the temple - two of which are the eleven faced Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva and Fudo Myoo the ‘The Immovable One’, a fierce guardian diety. These were made by the Buddhist monk Jikaku Daishi in the Heian period. I donated one piece of calligraphy to the temple:
Title "One Flower" Size ; 180cm by 90cm.

2010 June 18th / Place : Naigu Ise shrine.

Donation ceremony at Naibu Kagura hall.
Title "Wisteria - Now, I have my parents, my children, and sustenance for life." Size; 135cm by 35cm.
Title " Narcissus flower" - When you love the flower, you should also thinkabout the plant and root. Size; 135cm by 35cm.