Calligrapher : Saiso Shimada
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Saiso Shimada

Calligraphy Lessons

I have been learning and teaching calligraphy for 50 years, with exhibitions in Japan and abroad. I will teach you the proper way of writing from beginner to advanced level. I can use simple English. Also large brush and large paper calligraphy lessons. Sometimes special calligraphy lessons and workshops with Kikou (Qigong) exercises, also with dance and music .
Places: Ichikawa, Chiba. A temple in Shinjuku and in Higashi Oojima, Tokyo.

Commission Work

I do custom commission work for companies and individuals. If you have a request for something special please contact me.

A brief summary of Saiao Shimada's career

1937 She was born in Yamagata Prefecture.
1969 She studied under Tanaka Kaiyan
1989 Musashino Imperial mausoleum (Emperor Showa) entrance calligraphy
1993 The 4th private calligraphy exhibition of Shimada Tousui (previous name) (Ginza Kyukyodo)
2000 DVD "Shimada Tousui , "Slow silent & bursting brush strokes". The world of art series.
2001 Tanaka Kaian and Shimada Tousui calligraphy exhibition (Ginza Kanematsu Hall)
2003 The 5th private exhibition (Nuremburg, German)
2009 Shimada Tousui changed her name to Shimada Saiso
The 7th private exhibition (Paris, France)
The 1st overseas workshop (Paris, France)
The 1st overseas demonstration of calligraphy and modern dance with Moeno Wakamatsu (Paris, France)
2010 Two pieces of calligraphy (hanging scrolls) donated to Naigu, Ise Shrine.
June The 8th private exhibition (50th wedding anniversary commemoration exhibition with haiku, Ginza Sam Hall) 6.21~6.27
The 2nd overseas demonstration of calligraphy and modern dance with Moeno Wakamatsu (Paris, France)
The 2nd overseas workshop (Normandy, France)
Produced DVD "Studies of calligraphy by Saiso Shimada"
2011 The 9th private exhibition (Normandy, France and Athens, Greece)
The 3rd overseas workshop (Normandy, France and Athens, Greece)
2012 February - Great east Japan earthquake reconstruction charity lecture "Beginning calligraphy" (Chiba and Ichikawa)
June 10th - Donated calligraphy to Saiyo temple, Kanazawa City.

Works given to : Beijing Palace Museum / British Library / Türk Japon Vakfı Kültür Merkezi/ German goodwill association/ Ukraine National Gallery / Lianyungang museum
Currently : Mainichi calligraphy exibition judge / Chiba prefecture calligraphy associate member / Hakusuikai calligraphy association manager